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Tom Elias: The bait-and-switch of toll lanes expands

365体育投注Diamond lanes for the rich. Lexus lanes. A classic bait-and-switch. Social engineering on a massive scale. Taking the free out of freeways. Republican officials working for then-President George W. Bush in 2008 didn’t apply any of those epithets to their plan to charge tolls and allow solo drivers into carpool lanes on freeways in some […]

Tom Elias: Rent control again … is this vote needed?

365体育投注It was a head-scratcher the other day when the AIDS Healthcare Foundation submitted more than 1 million voter signatures aiming to place comprehensive rent control before Californians next fall, just two years after they rejected the same idea by a 20-percent margin. But no one in politics today seems to heed what the voters want: […]

Tom Elias: Candidates still ignore California issues

365体育投注So …  the Democrats held a presidential primary debate in California, in the Westchester district of Los Angeles to be specific. And still California issues get virtually no attention on the national scene. Even now, more than a month after that debate, with ballots appearing soon in mailboxes across the state, there’s still no substantial […]

Tom Elias: Toward real inclusivity

There are few things most of the minority groups who together make up the majority in today’s California want more than simple inclusivity. And yet … When a state panel made up largely of ethnic minority group teachers and college professors last summer submitted a proposed ethnic studies curriculum cobbled together in just six sessions […]

Tom Elias: Administration threatens good-news story

After a year of massive fires and floods, electricity blackouts, utility rate increases and gasoline price gouging, California at last has a good news story to enjoy: The state’s teenage birth rate has reached a new modern-era low. But wait — that good news is threatened by the Donald Trump administration, which seeks to cut […]

Tom Elias: Is the return of SB50 good or bad for your health?

The good news last year for many Californians who happen to live near light rail stations and heavily traveled bus routes was that the most controversial legislative proposal of 2019 suffered an early demise in the springtime. The bad news for the same folks is that the same proposal, known in 2019 as SB 50, […]

Tom Elias: Some disasters waiting to happen

Virtually all adult Californians know the kinds of disasters that commonly befall this state by the time they decide to stay here or move to the Golden State from someplace else. The usual list most folks consider is fairly short, but can have long-lasting impacts: fires, floods and earthquakes. Those who lack complete faith in […]

Tom Elias: Dems ignore California at own peril

365体育投注Something’s wrong here: California will send exponentially more delegates to the national Democratic Party’s nominating convention this summer in Milwaukee than all three of the first caucus and primary election states, Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Plus, Californians will begin receiving their ballots for their first-ever overwhelmingly mail-in statewide election on Feb. 4, just […]

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Tom Elias: State GOP shows why it’s irrelevant

Just in case anyone still wonders why the California Republican Party has become a largely irrelevant group holding far less than one-third of the Legislature, only seven of this state’s 53 congressional seats and 23 percent of registered voters … Understanding comes with a quick look at party leaders’ responses to President Trump’s outright racist […]

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Tom Elias: Can money, apartments stem homelessness?

365体育投注Californians are about to find out whether money and new apartment-style dwellings can do much about the state’s expanding and seemingly intransigent problem with homelessness. As ad hoc encampments proliferate, featuring everything from small pup tents to excrement in the streets, and chop shops where parts are taken from stolen bicycles and sold, politicians have […]

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Tom Elias: Newsom looking scared during fire season

At times during this fall’s still simmering fire season, rookie Gov. Gavin Newsom looked a little like a scared rabbit as he ping-ponged for weeks from blaze to blaze, from Los Angeles to Santa Rosa and many points in between. Newsom has good political reason to be frightened. He lived through the energy crunch in […]

Tom Elias: Time for realistic housing goals

Build 3.5 million new dwelling units across California by 2025 and this state’s housing shortage will be solved, Gov. Gavin Newsom prescribed during his campaign last year and many times since. But it’s not happening, and the problems of affordability and homelessness have grown no easier to solve under Newsom than before his election, despite […]

Tom Elias: Should state triple EV subsidy?

365体育投注Phil Ting is adamant about it. California needs to triple its subsidies for electric vehicles right now. But he might have to reduce his goal for the subsidy if he expects his bill to pass the Legislature when it returns from its current recess. For sure, the subsidy expansion plan from Ting, a Democratic assemblyman […]

Tom Elias: California will focus on Congress again

365体育投注The eyes of the nation will be riveted on the presidential race next year, with the likelihood that President Trump will be fighting for his political life and also to retain immunity from courtroom prosecution for another four years. There’s also the possibility that the impeachment investigation now underway in Washington, D.C., will have forced […]

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